Kock med blåtira

The players. The OneTwo3 Nordic Championship 2019.


The OneTwo3 Nordic Championship in 3-cushion billiard ended and became a success. Bo Bäckman, owner of the Söderbiljarden received many fine commendations for both the venues and the tables and Stockholms Carambole Club, got many new friends of carambole.

The games were skilfully arranged and floated without interruptions or delays. Three out of four tables also streamed the matches live on Cuescore, Youtube and here on the website onetwo3.se.

Through the competition's press service, the competitors, sponsors and the media have also gained access to image and graphic material as well as useful web links which have been a great help to the other federations in the Nordic countries.

Dion Nelin.


Of the eight players who advanced to the quarterfinals, as many as six players from Denmark were challenged by two Swedish players, David Pennör and Henryk Kalita.

René Hendiksen and Henryk Kalita.

The two closing semifinals were played on two tables between Henryk Kalita (SCC) - René Hendriksen (CC Brønshøj) and Thomas Andersen (Varde BK) against Dion Nelin (BK Grøndal). Both matches plus the finals can be seen here.

After the two semi-finals, René Hendriksen was ready to face his challenger Thomas Andersen, who has played steadily throughout the competition.